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Gather Your Family + Friends for Graduation Dinner at KURT's


Our intimate dining room is the perfect setting for any special occasion.

Our larger private room can seat up to around 30 and we have a smaller, more intimate space to accommodate up to 6 guests.

You can also rent out our covered patio for the perfect cocktail party or the entire restaurant can be rented out for a nominal fee

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  • Don Panoz wearing a suit and tie


    The private room (seats 2 - 6) near the entrance behind the host stand, is named the "Panoz Room" in honor of the late Mr Don Panoz.

    A lifelong entrepreneur, Panoz was the founder of the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and creator of the famously loud and uniquely styled front-engined Panoz LMP1 race cars.

    After experiencing the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the first time, Panoz aimed to replicate the spirit of Le Mans by creating a “one-off” event at Road Atlanta — the 10-hour or 1,000-mile Petit Le Mans — that debuted Oct. 11, 1998.

    Buoyed by the event’s success, Panoz founded the ALMS, a series of races throughout North America on world-class racetracks, including three that he owned: Sebring International Raceway, Road Atlanta and Mosport, today known as Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Through those efforts, Panoz became a driving force for sports car racing in North America.

    Not only was he an inspirational entrepreneur, but both he and his wife were customers of ours.  Two weeks before his last breath, he gifted Kurt a large print from his racing empire that is a treasured gift.  We hung the photo in the small private room and it has now, and will forever be known as the Panoz Room.🏎

    Next time you need a small intimate private space, call us and reserve the Panoz Room and also pay your respect to this remarkable individual


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    The Flag that flies outside our front entrance gets a lot of attention from those who don't know what it represents.
    The European Flag features a circle of 12 gold stars on a blue background. They stand for the ideals of unity, solidarity, and harmony among the peoples of Europe.
    The number of stars has nothing to do with the number of member countries, though the circle is a symbol of unity.
    The history of the flag goes back to 1955. The Council of Europe - which defends human rights and promotes European culture – chose the present design for its own use. In the years that followed, it encouraged the emerging European institutions to adopt the same flag.
    In 1983, the European Parliament decided that the Communities’ flag should be used by the Council of Europe. In 1985, it was adopted by all EU leaders as the official emblem of the European Communities, later to become the European Union.


    Oktoberfest has been a festive celebration for Kurt's since the beginning.

    We never set out to make it part of who we are, but it has happened that way, especially here at our present location.

    The stage was built and the people came to celebrate the most festive time of the year.

    We try to be respectful of the tradition and mirror the dates of the festival in Germany so make sure you keep up to date with our scheduling for Oktoberfest usually begins at the end of September and finishes before the month of October has time to really shine.

    Oktoberfest Celebration at Kurt's is typically the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October.  Prosit!



    πŸ†..... "Best Of" .....πŸ†

    Awards are never a goal, but anyone would be lying if they said that it didn't feel good to be recognized with one.

    We honestly do not have a list of the awards we have been given over the years.  We are humbled by every one of them and we don't take the spotlight lightly.

    In a way, winning an award just makes us try harder for it now becomes a challenge to make certain that the award is won the following year as well

    As far as the awards, voted on by the consumer, please allow us to take this time to once again Thank You for taking the time to vote and to show us that our hard hard work and dedication are seen by you and know that your approval is the most important to us because, without your approval, our doors would not have stayed open these past 13 years (or the past 38 years for that matter)




    What does our annual Fish FRYDays have to do with our 13th Anniversary?
     It's probably not what you think.


    COVID played a big factor in the second half of our relocation history and the one thing that really helped us get through the pandemic was our quick transition to Curbside + Delivery.  Our FishFry was a staple during our Curbside reign and on the first weekend of COVID, we had over 100 orders for this delightful treat.  The orders continued and the community supported us tremendously and in turn,  we provided nightly Curbside specials that took off. 

    With that being said, there was the one special that always had the most orders (and often times sold out), and that for us was the FRYDay FishFry.


    The FRYDay FishFry is still going strong and is once again available this weekend starting on Friday!



    This is the dish that truly put us on the map
    and one of a few original menu items from the original
    Kurt's Cuisine est1985

    With that in mind, I tallied up the number of Wiener schnitzels
    that were ordered in just the dining room alone just last year.
    Mind you, this does NOT include pre-set menus or functions
    nor does the number reflect Curbside or Delivery orders
    Also not counted were the countless schnitzels
    sold for catering and/or events during the Oktoberfest season

    In the dining room alone
    we sold 6 336 orders of this popular dish
    (that's 12 672 pieces)
    all hand pounded and individually breaded to make this

     our most popular and  uncontested signature dish

    which, to this day
    38 years later
    still can be ordered each and every night
     at your neighborhood bistro!



    In 2022, Kurt was the proud recipient of the ACF Lifetime Achievement Award.

    (this was also the inspiration for KURT8.0 the following year)

    Not only was this a great honor, but it was also well-deserved
    for his contribution to not only the ACF but to the culinary scene as a whole

     He also has a long-standing history with the ACF
    and was one of the key driving members to bring many
    of the Culinary Arts programs to fruition including, but not limited to,
    the Culinary Apprentice Program
    which still is an option for students today.

    The American Culinary Federation
    recognizes those who put time and effort towards furthering the culinary industry
    through a prestigious awards program

    The Lifetime Achievement Award is in honor of Kurt's accomplishments
    and extraordinary contributions
     to ACF, AAC, and the culinary profession over a lifetime


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    Our story is not complete
    without those that have helped carry us over the years

     One person in particular just happens to have a milestone birthday this year

    Andrea Bradley started at Kurt's in January of 1999.
    She originally was the head chef of Vreny's Biergarten
    and then seamlessly took over our main kitchen
    along with her partner in crime
    Saul Reinoso (1997) pictured above

    The Two of them became the grinding force
    behind the reinvention of Kurt's
    as Kurt's Euro Bistro in the year 2011
    It is Bradley's 60th Birthday Month
    and we wish her nothing but the best
    & extend our best wishes this year,
     and every year thereafter!



    πŸ₯‡ πŸ₯ˆ πŸ₯‰ πŸ…

    2014  LAURA GRANT
    2019   JD TATUM

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    This picture is in the open dining room and is visible when you arrive at Kurt's.  It is a conversation starter for people who continually ask us what city is in the picture.

    The easy answer, and the reason it's hanging in its prominent location, is that it is a picture of the city of the birthplace of Kurt's wife Verena (Vreny)
    (whose 80th birthday happens to be the 14th of this month!)

    Do you know what city it is yet?  The country is easier to note and it's the city that celebrates its independence on the First of August each year (as do we).  It is also the country that is the inspiration for the Cheese Fondue on the menu as well as the secret menu item- Zuricherkalbsgeschneltzeltes mit rösti.

    If you don't know the city it's in the name of the last dish we mentioned

    The Country is Switzerland.

    and the city is...

    ZÜRICH, Switzerland



    Of course, we couldn't talk about Kurt's history without mentioning Kurt himself. 

    The video of his life is still in production so here is a brief bio that sheds some light on
     the man... the myth.... the legend!

    Born in Stuttgart Germany, Kurt Karl Alexander Eisele became a Chef’s apprentice at age 14. After completion of his apprenticeship, he moved to Switzerland for a five-year stint in the Kitchens of the French–speaking portion of the country. Curiosity and a sponsorship by the Chateau Fleur De lis Restaurant in Atlanta Georgia, brought Kurt over to the States in January 1965.

    Besides the Chateau Fleur De Lis, Eisele worked at Sea Pines Plantation on Hilton Head Island and at the Red Barn Inn at Chastain Park. Later he managed a less casual operation, the Old Spaghetti Mill in Underground Atlanta. Then the Standard Club at Brookhaven hired him to be the executive chef, which was followed by an eight-year tenure with the Atlanta Athletic Club.

    Then in December of 1985, He opened Kurt’s in the Peachtree Parkway Shopping Center in Norcross. It was here that he established his name and later ventured to the next location, off of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, in the Fall of 1999.   He moved locations once again in 2011 where Kurt's Euro Bistro was opened and flourished and maintained the the namesake and brand depicted by his own name. 

    Kurt’s, the restaurant, has since maintained its status as Gwinnett’s Premier Dining Establishment for the past 38 years. 

    Besides being involved with his work, Kurt also has the distinction of being past president of the American Culinary Federation-Georgia chapter, as well as a past member of the Chaine the Rottisseurs, and the Academy of Chef’s. The Restaurant bearing his name has been honored numerous times in the best of categories as well as its continuous involvement in the community.

    It's not just his name that is reflected throughout but also his vision, talent, and hard work that makes Kurt's a legend on its own.

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    Of course, none of this would be possible without family.  
    We made a working family tree to demonstrate all the efforts that are fueled by the lineage from the Eisele Matriarch that started it all.

    Navigate through the family tree and timeline and meet the family, behind the scenes who have worked together these past 13 years to make our Euro Bistro what it is today!